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A little blog to help people understand what it is like to live with adhesions!


Well, I have been missing in action for almost a month now.  Things just seemed to get a little overwhelming and I wasn’t quite sure how to put it all into words, so I took a little break.

Here’s an update – My adhesion pain seems to be getting a little bit worse.  Resting helps, but nothing ever makes the pain go away and I am finding that the harder I push through, the longer it takes to “recover” and I never really “recover” to the same level as before!  AUGH

We found out a few months ago that my wonderful doctor in the states will no longer operate on me.  He feels that he has reached his limit of expertise and going in again and doing the same thing he has done two other times will not help and they will probably grow back again.  I can’t blame him for not wanting to take our money and in a way it has pushed us to do more research and find someone else to help.

I can’t continue on this way with no quality of life and no end in sight, so we ventured on and found two places on the web that appear to specialize in adhesions and adhesion surgery.  Both with highly respected doctors and some pretty good stats to say that what they have done helps. Both place we will have to take about a 6-7 hour flight (with switching planes and having to go through customs).  A trip I am not looking forward to doing in a huge amount of pain.  SO, which place do I decide to go with?  That is the question!  Here’s the conundrum, “A” is significantly easier to get it and easier to find a place to rent for 2-3 weeks while I recover, easier to rent a car and drive to once we get to the airport, etc…The price for this one is also a bit less as well.  The other place “B” is harder to get to, harder to find a place to rent, and quite a bit more expensive.  “A” has dropped the ball and I have been trying to get into their “system” for about 2 months now – faxing forms, calling, not getting returned calls, etc.. THIS is another whole story for a later time.  “B” has been amazing to deal with going above and beyond call of duty!  I guess “A” has forced me to make a decision and we will be going with “B”.

“A” has a whole center that they have created for dealing with abdominal and pelvic pain.  I have even talked to people on facebook who have had adhesion surgery with this doctor and they are doing better! They use the harmonic scalpel and some sort of liquid adhesion barrier.

“B” also sounds like a great place, not as fancy, but this doctor is known for working on endo and adhesions. He uses the same laser as my first doctor did (they both rave about this certain CO2 laser for working with adhesions), he uses adhesion barriers and does something called “Early Second Look” surgery where he goes in 5-7 days later to check on the adhesions and break them down with water if they are there.  This supposedly helps to stop them from reforming and reforming as quickly and attaching to the organs.  THIS intrigues me very much because I am the type of person who can feel them forming again right away. 

So, here’s the thing: “B” is way more expensive and now we are faced with having to find the money to pay for the surgery. We are not extravagant people by any means.  We have the privilege of only 2 people in our family to spend money on.  We have some nice stuff, but we save up and buy it outright. We have made some big purchases in the past few years, a nice truck, a big screen TV (the first in about 10 years since we have been married that hasn’t been related to improving our house) but we saved up and REALLY thought hard about the purchases.  Also, the purchase of the truck is what made it possible for us to travel in a car 11 hours for the first 2 surgeries. We pay off our credit cards every month and up until this past year before my two other surgeries, we didn’t really have any debt.  We don’t go out a whole lot and we like to spend our money on food and going out for suppers every once and a while. However, we do splurge every once and a while on things that we probably don’t need, but want.  Now, we are facing the decision as to where are we going to get this big chunk of change from to pay for this third surgery.  Do we sell the things that we have (this would be my hubbies answer), but then we still need a second vehicle and we need to live a little.  Do we ask family for loans? Do we go to the bank and look at our mortgage?  Oh the questions and the dilemmas!  It really would’t be that big of a deal if we hadn’t already paid for 2 surgeries in the past 10 months.  Also, the question in the back of our minds, even as positive as we are trying to think that this will be a huge success (which neither doctor can rightly guarantee because everyone reacts differently to the surgeries and what works for one person with adhesions won’t necessarily work for another person), is what happens if this doesn’t work?  Now we just spent a ton of money AND I’m still not fixed!?  I guess that is just a bridge we will have to travel IF we get there!  And, I know it is just money and my wonderful hubby keeps saying, “What is your health worth?” but it just gets to be a bit overwhelming and feels selfish to be spending ALL this money on ME!

Okay, so that’s where we stand right now.  Hunting for a place to stay, finding the money to pay for the surgery and getting through the next few months until we can go and get “fixed”.  Check back for more updates as we get things straightened around! 

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