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My Story – Part Three

on February 17, 2012

So,  we drove back home and waited and healed, waiting and healed.  It was quite a major surgery – not one that many people understand unless you have had a hysterectomy.  It’s just not quite like any other recovery – I can say this because I have had other surgeries before and I bounced back pretty quickly from those, but having a major organ removed is another story.  However, throughout my recovery I began to feel some of that same familiar pain again.  I pushed it away as healing pain for a long time, hoping that’s all that it was -however, I was at the 5 month mark and I still wasn’t feel spectacular, I had to admit that perhaps those darn adhesions were back again.  If I was honest with myself, I knew before that time that it just wasn’t healing pain – but given the huge surgery, it was hard to tell.  So, I contacted my doctor in the states and talked to my doctor her and we started a battery of tests including CT scans, ultrasounds, blood work, x-rays, and even a round of antibiotics just to “make sure” it wasn’t something else going on.  This took a month or so to happen and in the meantime, the pain was getting worse and worse by the day.  Once all of those tests came back negative again, we all concluded that they were back and that my doctor in the states needed to open me up again to get rid of them.

So, finally in December, only 6 months after my first surgery, we headed back to the states for another laparoscopic surgery.  My surgery date was December 22nd and we were going to be down there about 10 days or so, so that meant we would be spending Christmas in the mountains away from home this year.  There were mixed emotions because I was extremely happy to be having the surgery and hopefully some relief, but also we would miss our families while we were there.  It turned out to be a very romantic “healing get away”.

The surgery was a success.  It only took 2 hours this time and my wonderful doctor used a laser to remove more adhesions from my liver, there were adhesions on my bladder pulling it up and causing the pain, and also a section of my bowels were encased with adhesions.  Recovery in the states was a little bit easier this time (what a difference NOT removing an organ can make) and we travelled home on January 1st.  The worst part of the whole thing was the bowel prep the night before – don’t get me started!!  That’s a whole other post 🙂

So, I have been home recovering since then.  However, I knew probably about a week after we got home (2 weeks after surgery) that they were back already.  I never really got a whole lot of relief (probably a few days here and there mixed in with the recovery days when I was heavily medicated).  I just recently admitted to my family that I thought they were back.  I really didn’t want to believe that they could be back already, but all the signs are there.

Yesterday we went to my family doctor and told her what we thought and she confirmed that they were probably back and that our next step is to call my doctor in the states again and see what he says.  I’m not ready to do that yet!!  I need just a little more time to digest and “ignore” the pain so that I can heal.  I know I’m going to need another surgery, but I’m not willing to face that yet.  She order another ultrasound – here we go again!

Now that you know my story, I would love to connect with other people out there that are having similar experiences or anyone interested in knowing more.  I will keep you updated and let you know what I plan to do next.


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